Tips and Advice

I have written a few very brief how-to guides based on common issues I have seen often in my experience as a headshot photographer. From what to wear to personal preparation, these quick articles will help you get the most from your photo shoot.

Theatrical headshot of actor with studio lighting

Clothing Tips for Actor Headshots

Outfits with the right color combinations will give your headshots visual impact that make them memorable for casting directors. Selecting clothing based on your skin tone is the first step to a image that stands out from the crowd. Fit and style are also critical so choose wisely. This guide will help you choose clothing to give your photos that extra POP!

Realtor headshot in Downtown Los Angeles

How to Dress for Business Headshots

Your business headshot will be the first chance to make a good impression with potential clients, so you want to look professional and dress appropriately for your industry. Whether you're a real estate agent, attorney or IT professional, these wardrobe tips will help you select clothing that enhances your business portraits.

Photo of Actor in Hollywood

How to Avoid Actor Scams

There are plenty of shady "talent agents" in Hollywood that prey on unsuspecting actors. This article will make you a pro at identifying and avoiding common fraud tactics designed to victimize actors.

Photo of Actor in Hollywood

How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

A professional photo shoot can be very intimidating to some people. An easy way to streamline the process and make it a fun experience is to be prepared. I have photographed people of all different experience levels and found a few quick and easy tips to help you get the most out of your photo session.

Natural light headshot of male actor in Hollywood park

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to park? What are the payment options? Can a friend come along? There's a few questions I get asked often, soI have put together a concise list of answers to help save time. So if you have questions, I have answers. Read them here.