Headshots for Kids and Teens

Working with children is fun but can be challenging. I have found that you usually have a small window of time to get good photos before the child decides he or she is DONE and completely shuts down. Fortunately I have over 10 years of photography experience which allows me to focus getting the best expressions out of a young actor. Parent is REQUIRED to attend the photo shoot.

Kids headshot in North Hollywood Park
Heashot of child actor with red hair
Teen actress headshot photographed in Hollywood
Teen male actor headshot in natural light
Teen actor headshot
Kids headshots photographed by Antonio Carrasco in Hollywood
Kids headshot photographed in DeLongpre Park, Los Angeles
Acting headshot of girl on swing at DeLongpre Park in Hollywood
Cheap headshots for kids in Los Angeles
Natural light headshot of young child actor in Los Angeles
Headshot of teen actor with big personality
Child actor with a big smile
Headshot of child actor photographed in studio in Hollywood
Child actor has mischevious look as she poses for headshot with studio lighting
Professional headshot of kid actor in Los Angeles
Yelp review of Smart Headshots from previous client
Studio headshot of young actress
Studio headshot of teen actress in Los Angeles

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