Natural light headshot of actor photographed at DeLongpre Park in Hollywood

Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled this list of answers to the questions I am most often asked by prospective headshots clients. Almost all of the information you will need about a photo shoot, from pricing and scheduling to advice on selecting clothing that looks best on camera, can be found below. I have found that clients generally are most satisfied with the end-result if they go into the photo shoot completely comfortable and there are no surprises. That's why it's best to ask and answer any questions before the shoot rather than afterwards. If you have any additional questions or need clarification on anything, don't hesitate to ask by e-mailing me or calling.

How Much Are the Headshots Packages?

I have the lowest prices for quality headshots out of any of the established headshot photographers in Los Angeles. My experience consists of over 10 years of photography, studio lighting and retouching work. You can find my complete price list here as well as details on what is included in each package.

Why Are My Prices Much Lower than Other Photographers?

Most photographers shoot at a huge photography studio that costs a lot of money to rent out, which you, the customer, ends up paying for. I shoot at a home studio in Hollywood or on location. I use the same professional lighting and camera equipment that other professionals use, but save money on overhead. I pass those savings on to my customers.

Samples of natural light and studio lighting headshots

Which is better--natural light or studio lighting?

There is no "right" answer to this question, as it is strictly a matter of choice. Natural light headshots are very popular in Los Angeles. But studio lighting headshots in front of a solid backdrop have very clean and precise look that is impossible to create on location. Actors can choose between the two options, or if you choose the Premium Headshots package, you get shots with both natural light and in studio shots. Some talent agents require headshots under studio lighting with a solid backdrop. If you are already in contact with an agent, you should ask them what they prefer before the shoot.

For business headshots, I recommend headshots with studio lighting in front of a solid backdrop. This will give you the cleanest and most professional image for business needs.

Where Am I Located?

Smart Headshots is located right in the middle of Hollywood, near Sunset Boulevard and Highland, at 1334 North Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90028. You can even search for Smart Headshots on Google Maps or Apple Maps and it will come right up.

Do I Take Walk-ins?

I do not take walk-ins, so it's best to call to set an appointment or e-mail me first. However, same day appointments are often available. If you're planning on a natural light shoot, the best time of day to shoot under great light is 3:30pm to 5pm. Studio lighting shots can be shot at any time. My working hours are 9:00am to 7:00pm, seven days a week.

What About Parking?

There is usually plenty of free street parking very near my home studio. If there is no parking available on Las Palmas Avenue, you can often find a spot on DeLongpre Avenue. Pay attention to posted street signs. Parking on Fountain Avenue is an option, but not recommended.

Two headshots of male actors

What are the Payment Options?

For single person actor or business headshots, I accept cash only, payable on the day of the shoot. If you plan on booking a makeup/hair artist through me, the fee for that service is due at least 3 business days before the shoot and is non-refundable.

Business checks are accepted for corporate group headshots when the total cost exceeds $350. Checks should be made payable to Antonio Carrasco and need to be issued the day of the photo shoot. I am happy to provide an invoice for your accounting needs.

Can You Bring a Friend to the Photo Shoot?

Yes! You are always encouraged to bring a friend, spouse or family member to the session with you for your safety, comfort or just moral support. However, please do not bring your whole extended family with you because I have limited space. Also, please leave your dogs at home. If you are under 18 years old, a parent is required to come to any photo sessions.

Beautiful female actor with natural makeup and simple hair styling

What About Makeup and Hair?

A makeup artist and/or hair stylist is never required to shoot with me. If you would like to book a makeup artist through me, I am able to offer some very talented professionals, however that requires non-refundable full payment at least 3 day prior to the photo shoot.

If you're looking for advice on whether you need a makeup artist, here is my opinion. Men usually don't require a makeup artist at all. Women can often benefit from having a makeup artist. But remember, a headshot is supposed to look like YOU, not what a makeup artist thinks you should look like. So makeup should always be clean and natural.